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Our clients' opinions are critical to our efforts to improve our services.

At CD Inc. we ask our clients to judge our work by the practical communication-skills benefits we bring to them. To that end, we ask our clients to evaluate us by evaluating their own competency levels both before and after we work with them. The results of these assessments are visible as graphs:

While assessing their skill improvements, our clients often add personal
comments about specific workshops and programs, the skills of our consultants,
the value of our services, and even the special techniques of CD Inc.
training methods.

Some typical comments are arranged by the categories below:

-- Comments on Specific Workshops and Programs
      Presentation Skills Workshops
      Writing Skills Workshops
      Team Skills Workshops
      Training Skills Workshops

-- Comments on Consultants
      Phillip Bozek
      Eileen Flanigan
      James Hayase
      Francine Mahak

-- Comments on      The Value of CD Inc. Services

-- Comments on      CD Inc. Training Methods