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Preparing Powerful Presentations is an intensive one-day workshop focusing on
how to prepare high-quality business presentations quickly and
systematically.  The methodology of the workshop is based on:
     ·Diagnostic consultation before the workshop
     ·A low-stress, supportive workshop environment
     ·Highly specific presentation preparation and practice techniques
     ·Role-model instruction
     ·Targeted videotaped practice sessions
     ·Precise, constructive feedback
     ·One-on-one "Master Class" coaching
     ·Individualized presentation Action Plans
     ·Post-workshop followup consultation, in person or on video

The Benefits to Your Participants
Here are some of the benefits your participants and your organization will
gain from Preparing Powerful Presentations:
     ·A process to prepare quality presentations quickly
     ·Presentations tailored to the specific purposes of the presenter and the
       specific needs of listeners
     ·Flexible presentation "recipes" for various purposes and occasions
     ·Better voice projection and body language
     ·Simple, effective visual aids
     ·Improved ability to answer questions
     ·Clear criteria by which to improve presentations
     ·Enhanced critiquing and evaluation skills
     ·The control of presentation stress
     ·Increased confidence and self-esteem in presenters
     ·Well-organized, enthusiastic, interesting presentations
     ·Clear, concise, powerful presentations

What Participants Will Learn
From Preparing Powerful Presentations, your participants will learn:
     ·A repeatable, easy-to-use process to prepare presentations
     ·How to use brainstorming to prepare quickly
     ·How to start and conclude a presentation with power
     ·How to use persuasive supporting evidence
     ·The BEST Talking formula for organizing main points
     ·How to use simple visual aids to complement a presentation
     ·Four criteria for using stories, analogies, and humor
     ·How to use nonverbal language to maximum advantage
     ·How to judge the quality of any presentation

The Personal Focus of Preparing Powerful Presentations
This workshop focuses primarily on the skills of each participant as a
presenter, and is not a comprehensive guide to using presentation software.
However, excellent self-help tutorial and resource material on presentation
software is included among the materials distributed to participants.

Who Should Attend?
Preparing Powerful Presentations will benefit managers, technical and sales
personnel, administrators, and staff specialists -- all professionals who
give or plan to give presentations to internal or external listeners.

Logistical Specifics
Some workshop specifics:
     ·Length:  One day (8 hours)
     ·Number of participants: 4-6 ideal; 6 maximum
     ·Number of presentations per participant: 2-3
     ·Pre-workshop consultation and research included
     ·Videotape recording of all presentations
     ·Workbooks, summary sheets, action plans, presentation software tutorials,
      and followup books provided
     ·Post-workshop coaching and evaluation included

Consultants Available
 Phillip E. Bozek

General Pricing Policies