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Preparing and Delivering PowerPoint Presentations is an intensive three-day workshop on how to prepare and deliver excellent business presentations that use PowerPoint slides as a primary visual aid.

This workshop will help participants prepare presentations by:
      ·Enhancing PowerPoint slide preparation with powerful, proven communication planning techniques
      ·Providing innovative slide-sequence templates that use reiterations, transitions, and selective emphases to                     achieve absolutely clear guidance through visual information. 

The workshop will help participants deliver presentations by:
      ·Coordinating the three information systems of presentations -- spoken words, nonverbal communication,                         and visual displays -- to deliver presentations that are self-reinforcing and coherent.
      ·Using specific verbal "recipes" and nonverbal techniques that complement PowerPoint slides and gather                         words, gestures, and slides into one clear message.  

Instructional Approaches
The workshop is based on:
      ·Diagnostic consultation before the workshop
      ·A low-stress, supportive workshop environment
      ·Role-model instruction
      ·Targeted, DVD-recorded practice sessions
      ·Precise, comprehensive, constructive feedback
      ·One-on-one "Master Class" coaching
      ·Individualized presentation Action Plans
      ·Post-workshop followup material
      ·Post-workshop consultation

The Benefits to Your Participants
Here are some of the benefits your participants and your organization will
gain from Preparing and Delivering PowerPoint Presentations:
      ·Clear, concise, cohesive, well-organized, interesting presentations 
      ·A process to prepare a presentation's verbal and visual content quickly
      ·Flexible verbal "recipes" and visual templates 
      ·Better voice projection, body language, and slide design
      ·Easy-to follow visual aids that direct, organize, and emphasize key information
      ·Improved ability to answer questions -- with PowerPoint's help, if needed
      ·Clear criteria by which to improve presentations
      ·Enhanced critiquing and evaluation skills
      ·The control of presentation stress
      ·Increased confidence, self-esteem and success
What Your Participants Will Learn
From Preparing and Delivering PowerPoint Presentations, your participants will learn how to:
      ·Use a simple, repeatable process to prepare presentations that use PowerPoint
      ·Overcome PowerPoint "writer's block"
      ·Analyze audiences to determine appropriate content and styles of a presentation's words, gestures, and slides
      ·Integrate proven brainstorming techniques with a PowerPoint-based  slide preparation
      ·Use ready-made content templates to enhance the verbal structure of ideas
      ·Use "Directory-Subdirectory" visuals to help create easy-to-follow presentations
      ·Use verbal "recipes" for delivering excellent introductions and powerful conclusions
      ·Use PowerPoint to build the BEST formula for main points and supporting evidence
      ·Use “hide/show slides” to tailor presentations for various audiences
      ·Balance and direct audience attention between presenter and slides
      ·Avoid the “just read the slides” syndrome that diminishes many presentations
      ·Recognize the verbal-visual interference that can muddle PowerPoint presentations
      ·Choose techniques to achieve verbal-visual coherence
      ·Use on-screen drawing and pointing devices for spontaneous emphasis
      ·Use PowerPoint special effects that enhance clarity and simplicity
      ·Recognize and avoid the "Specialist's Fallacy"
      ·Use criteria for including stories, analogies, and humor
      ·Use gestures and movements to clarify a presentation’s organization
      ·Answer questions clearly, concisely, and confidently -- with PowerPoint's help
      ·Use mistakes to improve a presentation
      ·Coach other presenters diplomatically
      ·Judge the quality of any presentation
      ·Balance the contribution of PowerPoint to the overall human experience of speaking to groups of people

Who Should Attend Preparing and Delivering PowerPoint Presentations?
Preparing and Delivering PowerPoint Presentations will benefit executives, managers, technical and sales personnel, customer service professionals, administrators, staff specialists—all professionals who prepare, give, or plan to prepare or give presentations. Participants should come to class with a basic familiarity with PowerPoint and a PowerPoint-ready laptop.

Logistical Specifics
Some workshop specifics:
      ·Length:  2.5 to 3 days (20-24 hours)
      ·Number of participants: 8 maximum
      ·Number of presentations per participant: five
      ·DVD recording of participant presentations
      ·Materials provided to each participant:
        - Workbook
        - Summary Sheet
        - Action Plan
        - PowerPoint tutorial
        - Followup book
        - DVD recordings of his/her presentations, including feedback
        - Several new PowerPoint templates and preparation tools
      ·Pre-workshop consultation and research included   
      ·Post-workshop coaching and assistance available

Consultants Available
  Phillip E. Bozek
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