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"This [workshop] was incredibly valuable."
-- Robyn Barratta, Seminar Presenter
Franklin Quest, Salt Lake City UT

"This was a very worthwhile use of time -- I received a lot of value for my fee."
-- Donna Berg
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"An EXTREMELY valuable experience."
-- Chris Curtis, Software Engineer
L-3 Communications

"This [workshop] was a great investment of time and should pay off many times
over in my career."
-- James Stewart
Volkswagen Credit Inc.

'"What a worthwhile 2 days!"
-- Rachel Carrington, Western Area CCM Coordinator
United States Postal Service

"Extremely valuable course -- requisite course for every business professional."
-- Randy Johnson, Director of Quality Assurance
GEC Marconi Aerospace

"Best and most useful sales training in years!"
-- Allison MacMullin
Account Executive
Nextel Communications

"This is by far the best and most productive training class I have ever taken."
--Rick Rosbach
Account Executive
Nextel Communications

"Excellent! Overall -- the best, most memorable, most useful class I have ever had!"
-- Susan Quackenbush, Network Administrator
   Prudential Insurance

"I thought the class was effective & well worth my time & L-3's money -- well done!"
-- Doug Mangum, Design Engineer
L-3 Communications

"This one of the best/most informative workshops I ever attended."
-- Frank Zambito, Senior Account Representative
Air Touch Paging

"This was not only an exceptionally strong course, but my personal
improvement feels dramatic."
-- Ron Gleason, Sales Specialist
United States Postal Service

"A very essential and much-needed course for many Lab employees."
-- Sharon K. Woodruff, Nuclear Materials Technology Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Very Informative. Will be useful for meetings with customers. Enjoyed
feedback (immediate) one-on-one -- excellent -- very constructive."
-- Grace Tolentino, Tactical Marketing Sales Specialist
United States Postal Service

"Thank you for all your help! I believe this class will have a huge effect in
my future presentations."
-- James Perry, Senior Staff Engineer
L-3 Communications

"I thought I'd be falling asleep and didn't think I'd learn this much -- but
I know I really did."
--Monica Wenzel, Technical Writer
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"This is a class I will use. In fact, I was able to design a presentation I
need to give and will be much more effective because of it."
-- Lisa Shortt, Account Manager
Nextel Communications

"I found this a very useful, educational, and enjoyable experience."
-- George Glass
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Great, positive experience. Will be very useful in my daily activities."
-- Duke Ehrhardt, Regional Sales Manager
US Borax

"This is one of the most valuable and practical courses I have taken. The
materials were easy to understand and we had numerous opportunities to apply
what we were learning."
-- Lisa Sylvestri, Manager of Indirect Distribution
Nextel Communications

"I appreciated the valuable feedback."
-- Cathy Mara, Account Representative
Air Touch Paging

"Perfectly useful!"
-- Kim Oberg, Trainer
Kern County (CA) Department of Human Services

"Excellent, useful information and skills that will improve my presentations
and subject organization."
-- Trudy Troiano, Sales Specialist
United States Postal Service

"I thought the course was extremely helpful . . . All material is extremely
relevant for future presentations."
-- Kathy Warnicke, Customer Account Representative
Nextel Communications

"This was very beneficial to me to go through the step process & develop a
complete, concise presentation. Thank you!"
-- Debbie Dittmer, Sales Specialist
United States Postal Service

"My only concern coming into the class was that I not waste 2 days of time .
. . This was an EXCELLENT use of 2 days that I really appreciate."
-- Heath MacArthur, Account Manager
Nextel Communications

"Very good. This seminar will help me forever. Thanks, Phil!"
-- Chuck Geary, Manager of Mining Projects
The Winters Company

"This was a great course for me and I saw good and positive change in the
other participants too."
-- Philip Ford, Business Manager
US Borax

"My expectations were exceeded."
-- Carol Butler, Engineer
L-3 Communications

"Really Good! Time well spent."
-- Michael Miller, NIS-5 Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"This is one of the most useful courses I have ever attended."
--Chris West, Mining Engineer
Kennecott Utah Copper

"[I] Really appreciate the resource material, specifically the summary materials."
--Daren Burnett, Project Engineer
L-3 Communications

"The well-organized structure: 'Recipes' were invaluable as a reference tool.
Video helped me see my own mistakes so that I could improve."
-- Douglas W. Bisacchi, Manager of Engineering Economics
US Borax

"I originally was not overly happy about having to attend class. I'm so glad
I 'got over it.' It was the most gratifying class I've taken."
-- Jaqueline Glenn, CCM Coordinator
United States Postal Service

"I really needed this framework and skill set to deliver the Nextel story. . .”
--Bill Morris, District Manager
Nextel Communications

"This was a very appropriate and useful workshop which I will be able to use
-- Joanne Arnston, Senior Buyer
US Borax

"Great seminar -- benefits more than presentation skills!"
-- Sharon McHugh, Manager
Prudential Insurance, Woodland Hills CA

"I think that not only will this help me in presentations but in everyday
life. It has made me more aware of other people and their content while they
speak, as well as being aware of myself."
-- Anne Henderson, Member Support Services
Intermountain Health Care

"I feel like I have improved 100%. Now I actually know how to put a
presentation together. I didn't learn this is college."
-- Paige Peterson, Development Coordinator
Nextel Communications

"This training will be immediately useful in my job. Thank you!"
-- Sharon Lighs, Trainer
Kern County (CA) Department of Human Services

"I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and needed this information for my new job."
-- Tisa McGhee, Trainer
Davis County (CA) Family Services Department

"An excellent class. I've taken other business writing classes, but this was
the best and most helpful."
-- Al Weber, Release Coordinator

"Outstanding course: Content and presentation. I learned more in 2 days than
in a college semester."
-- Casey Driver, Network Administrator
US Borax

"[I] Really enjoyed the class and am sure that will be of positive benefit to
me and, more importantly, to the people I communicate with."
-- Martyn Buttenshaw, Mine Planner
US Borax

"Excellent class! Provides information that can be applied immediately."
-- Ted Man, Engineer
Alcon Laboratories

"I came to this workshop with little or no knowledge about 'good' business
writing and came out with a full load of correct, good, and better ways to
communicate -- not only in the business world but in daily living too!"
-- J. Lin, Manufacturing Engineer
Kelsey Hayes Co.

"I learned almost as much in these two days as I did in my entire freshman
English course. I enjoy the 'reality' aspect [of the workshop]. I can really
use these techniques."
-- Tanya Garduno, Data Specialist

"I thought my writing was above average, without much room for improvement.
However, I believe that the effectiveness of my writing will improve twofold
as a result of this class."
-- Brian Fitzgerald, Manufacturing Engineer
Alcon Laboratories

"The class was great. Get more Alcon people to take it. Even if they are good
writers, the class will help."
-- Matthew M. McConkey, Project Engineer
Alcon Laboratories

"Excellent! You applied the course content directly to my everyday business
writing -- very useful!"
-- Kelly Anderson, Data Specialist

"Very beneficial information and relevant to my job position. Enjoyed the business scenarios."
-- Tracey Alston, Project Leader
KPMG Consulting

"This course will help me save hours writing e-mails, proposals, and reports.
Writing does not seem so painful anymore!"
-- Gretchen Thompson, Regional Manager,
Government Affairs

"I have been to at least two other seminars on writing and neither came close
to giving me the information this one has. Excellent seminar!"
-- Doris Wagner, Business Analyst

"[I] can apply this to all business writing needs."
-- Susan Johnson, Quality Document Control Administrator
Alcon Laboratories

"[This 'Interactive Technical Writing' workshop] will help all employees for their performance."
-- Mike Lin, Senior Scientist I
Alcon Laboratories

"I was doubting the value of the class before I took it. You [Phil Bozek]
made it very interesting, useful and especially painless."
-- Paul Lamos, Superintendent of Owens Lake Operations
US Borax

"[This 'Interactive Technical Writing' workshop is] a great help for people
to improve their writing efficiency."
-- Wan-Heng Wan, Senior Scientist II
Alcon Laboratories

"[This 'Interactive Technical Writing' workshop] has been very useful and
informative. It will help me build on my already established writing skills."
-- Misha Hamilton, QA Technical Analyst II
Alcon Laboratories

"An excellent training workshop! I expect lots of use from this training."
-- Stephen Marshall, Technical Writer
Alcon Laboratories

"I wish everyone in my company could attend this seminar. It would benefit all."
-- Tami Snouwaert, Sales Supervisor

"Very helpful overall."
-- Gretchen Rodegerdts, Customer Care
Volkswagen of America

"[This workshop] was extremely beneficial and . . . will have a positive
effect on my current responsibilities."
-- Travis Lloyd, Member Support Supervisor
Intermountain Health Care

"This has been the most useful and informative workshop I have participated
in. My skills have been enhanced enormously."
-- Kara Wagner
Volkswagen Canada

"The program had very constructive and perceptive feedback for each student. 
I found the conflict resolution skills most useful!"
-- B. Loving, CEO
Scancad, Inc.

"This course has so many applications.  The world would move smoother if all
leaders had facilitation skills!"
-- T. Bernd, Director of Staff Development
Brighton Public Schools

"This workshop has been extremely helpful and I really enjoyed the
interaction with others."
-- Patricia Mitchell
Nextel Communications

"These are the most practical tools I've learned in seven years."
-- Kelly Torres, CBT Instructor
San Bernardino County, CA

"I learned more in this seminar in three days than I learned in three
different communication classes in college."
-- Suzi Kremer, Customer Account Representative/Trainer
Nextel Communications, Chicago IL

"[This 2-day program] was better than a week-long training for trainers
seminar I attended. I got much more information I can use."
-- Jessie Burr, IM Trainer
Department of Public and Social Services, Riverside County, CA

"Every single aspect of this workshop will be useful. It was wonderful. Sorry
to see it end!!"
-- Carol Lanza, Trainer
Pace Membership Warehouses

"This was a great and beneficial course! I can see myself definitely using
this in my everyday business encounters!!"
-- Heather Henderson, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"This was a very positive motivating class for me. It will help me make the
move to my new job."
-- Cathy Boyle, Trainer
Novus Services Inc.

". . . Elevated applications that will be useful for the rest of my career. .
. . I am glad to have been a part of this training."
-- John P. Simone, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I really enjoyed this workshop. I feel I have greatly improved in many areas
that will benefit me not only in a work setting, but in everyday life. Well done."
-- Roger Anderson, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I learned so much; this was extremely worthwhile." 
-- Teri Zirngibl, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I really enjoyed this class. I learned so much valuable info that I will
immediately use starting now!"
-- Cheryl Alhadeff, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"Thanks, Phil, for helping our customers receive better trainings! We'll all
benefit from this!"
-- Patricia Bliss, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications