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"Phil Bozek is a wonderful instructor."
-- Alicia Mills, Regional Manager
KPMG Consulting

"I have never attended a workshop where the content and enthusiasm have been
at such a high level. Kudos to Phil Bozek!"
-- Paul Abbinanti, Senior Customer Account Representative/Trainer
Nextel Communications, Chicago IL

"Fast pace -- interactive -- good focus -- high energy -- Phil, you have the passion!"
-- Denny Ah-Tye, Trainer
San Joaquin County (CA) Department of Social Service

"Phillip made everyone feel at ease in a very difficult type of workshop.
When the participants first started, everyone was very tense about trying the
presentation technique but . . . [soon] everyone was working well."
--Gary Horton, Trainer
L-3 Communications

"Five-Star Presentation *****!"
-- Bob Davis, Trainer
Humboldt County (CA) CVS

"Really fantastic instructor [Phil Bozek], very helpful material. Quite a good course."
-- Bob McBroom, Principal Chemist
US Borax

"[Phil Bozek has] Outstanding feedback and people skills. Builds on positive
and information gained."
-- George Parsons, Team Leader
United States Postal Service

"Phil was awesome and made the day both fun and comfortable."
-- Janice Connell
Volkswagen of America

"It was excellent. You [Phil] were able to create a comfortable atmosphere
surrounding a topic which can be stressful and uncomfortable. . . "
-- Marny Donnelly, Account Representative Supervisor
Air Touch Paging

"Phil really understands how to make a great presentation. It was a great course."
-- Shayne Wissler, Principal Engineer
L-3 Communications

"GREAT class and facilitator -- listens and CONSTRUCTIVELY gives advice for better performance."
-- Michelle Fluharty, Senior Fulfillment Specialist
Nextel Communications

"Phil Bozek was perfect."
-- Nonie Inyang, Trainer
San Francisco County Department of Social Services

"What a captivating speaker [Phil Bozek is] -- I feel inspired and more
confident and actually look forward to [giving] future presentations."
-- Jim Freeman, Geotechnical Engineer
US Borax

"The facilitator was awesome."
-- Barry B. Shelton
Sales Specialist
The United States Postal Service

"The instructor [Phil Bozek] was very clear and pleasant. Genuinely
interested in helping the group learn. Very organized."
-- Ryan Will
Volkswagen Credit Inc.

"Dr. Phil is a dynamic presenter & teacher. Time just flew by."
-- Sushama Parekh, Member of Technical Staff
Lear Astronics Corporation

"Such enthusiasm and energy throughout! Love the way stories are used to make
a point. Such knowledge and credible solutions for all situations."
-- Sandy Wachholtz
Alcon Laboratories Inc.

"An overall excellent workshop. One of the few times the instructor practiced
what was preached. Perfect teaching by example."
-- Bill Percival, Staff Engineer
L-3 Communications

"Phil's energy is infectious. I felt energized simply by attending."
-- James Goh, Engineer Economist
US Borax

"I like how open you [Phil Bozek] were to new and different ideas. You never
answered with a negative response."
-- Melissa Brazington-Smith, Sales Specialist
United States Postal Service

"Dr. Bozek is a model instructor. Thanks."
-- Cindy Foltz, Document Specialist
Volkswagen of America

"Great workshop. Great instructor."
-- Martha Ortega, PC Specialist
Colorado Housing Finance Authority

"I liked Phil's level of energy & his positive attitude!"
-- Stacey Opp, Concurrent Engineering
L-3 Communications

"You were fabulous! Absolutely the best seminar I've ever attended. I truly
appreciate your positive and constructive feedback."
-- April Tovak, Account Executive
Nextel Communications

"Phil, you're amazing! (I mean it :))"
-- Melinda Moore
Alcon Laboratories Inc.

"The instructor was very informative and friendly, and made it a relaxed
-- Michele Fasano, Training Coordinator
KPMG Consulting

"Phil is a very energetic instructor with lots of practical experience."
-- Lars Karlsson, Mine Planner
US Borax

"Very friendly facilitator. Always positive, never critical. Thank you."
-- Ariel Wickersham
Nextel Communications

"Great energy from Phil (Teacher) and it was encouraged from all participants."
-- Corliss Douglas, Program Analyst
United States Postal Service

I thought it was AWESOME! Very effective! [Phil Bozek] is a great presenter.
He listens to people; is enthusiastic; very knowledgeable; available for
questions at all times (very nice touch)!
-- Rachel Fisher, Proposal Coordinator
Prudential Insurance, Woodland Hills CA

"I loved my teacher [Phil Bozek]."
-- Lisa Rivers, Accounting
VW Credit Inc.

"[The] exceptional instructor embodied the ideals of the course in his performance."  
-- Chris Sears, Netware for Unix Dept.
Novell Inc., Provo, UT

"One of the best workshops that I have attended. Excellent!! Phil Bozek did a
wonderful job of giving us skills and resources to be a GOOD sales force . . .”
-- Nadine Wilcox, Customer Service Representative
United States Postal Service

"Phillip, you're the best!"
-- Betsy Mitchell, Administrative Assistant, Boron Operations
US Borax

"Phil [Bozek] is a great guy, very kind & very helpful; genuine to the core.
He gave SPECIFIC ideas for improvement."
-- Amy Carlyle
Activations Manager
Nextel Communications

"Excellent course and instructor. I wish I could send all my employees to
-- Sharon Naegel, Manager of L-3 DSC
L-3 Communications

"Phil is one of the best trainers I've ever had. I feel much more confident
about my presentation skills than I did before the class."
-- Mindy Beck, Account Representative
Air Touch Paging

"Here's what I liked about the workshop: Phil [Bozek]'s broad knowledge and
ability to give specific observable suggestions and compliments."
        -- Lisa Vermillion, Seminar Trainer
            Franklin International Institute

"Thanks Phil you're a cool guy."
-- Rick Mooney, Contract Auditor
Intermountain Health Care

"Not once did I feel close to sleep in the three days! I could see you using
the techniques you train on. It was great."
-- Pete Golden
Nextel Communications

"I truly enjoyed this course . . . your instruction was superb in every way!"
-- Jeff Collings, Project Engineer
L-3 Communications

"You [Phil Bozek] are a very good coach. I really enjoy your positive
feedback. Thank you!"
-- Pierre Fregault, Account Executive
Volkswagen Canada

"Excellent Instructor, high energy, strong knowledge of topic."
-- Lisa Programmer,  Human Services
University of California Davis

"I appreciate the way you lessen the intimidation in the class. Your support
was wonderful, uplifting."
-- Lannette Loo, Customer Account Manager
US Borax

"Phil was excellent -- nice style -- calm and knowledgeable."
-- Doreen Rathburn, Account Manager
United States Postal Service

"Fun, informative. Don't EVER change!"
-- Barry Sanderson
Intermountain Health Care

"I was doubting the value of the class before I took it. You  made it very
interesting, useful and especially painless."
Paul Lamos, Superintendent of Owens Lake Operations
US Borax

"Excellent presenter."
-- Annette Thomas, Trainer
Los Angeles County (CA) Department of Child and Family Services

"The course was very good and offered much more than other courses I have
attended in the past. Dr. Bozek is very personable and experienced --
definitely an expert in his field."
-- Philip Liang, Senior Member of Technical Staff
Lear Astronics Corporation

"Phil was a great instructor and made learning easy."
-- Rosa Maurice, Analyst
KPMG Consulting

"Phil was an excellent facilitator -- I am going to use a lot of ideas
covered in class to enhance my training sessions."
-- Stephanie Schmidt
Nextel Communications

"I enjoyed Phil's knowledge on the subject matter and his friendly demeanor.
I especially enjoyed when we were able to do 'hands on' activities."
-- Wendy Barrett, Accountant (Wilmington)
US Borax

"[Phil,] Your demeanor is excellent. Very pleasant."
-- Ralph Carranza, National Account Manager
United States Postal Service

"Excellent teaching style!"
-- Dan Sikora, HR Consultant
Volkswagen of America

The way Phil put people at ease made a potentially uncomfortable program very beneficial."
-- David Slater, Senior Loan Officer
CoBank, Sacramento CA

"Great presentation/style. Energy consistent beginning to end. I enjoyed it
and found it useful."
-- Terri McLaughlin, Trainer
Yuba County (CA) Human Services

"Thank you to Phillip, truly a professional. It was an easy and encouraging
way to spend the day."
-- Debi Auman, Mentor
San Bernardino (CA) Social Services Group

"Great class. Trainer [Phil Bozek] was very energetic, humorous, and funny . . .”
-- Tracy Chakeres
Novus Services Inc.

"This is one of the best instructors/courses I've had."
--Ton Nickell, Manager of Mechanical Engineering
L-3 Communications

"I really wish I had you as a prof in college!"
-- Joe Kopcynski
Nextel Communications

"I thought the instructor was excellent, very knowledgeable and very generous
with giving useful material."
-- Lisa Sexton, Administrative Assistant
US Borax

"Phil, thank you, I very much appreciated your excellent organization and
facilitation skills. It helped the participants learn the materials."
-- Luanne D. Smith, Administrative Assistant
Kennecott Utah Copper

"Excellent training! Phil really knows his stuff. Great ideas."
-- Mitch Mason, Manager
Los Angeles County (CA) Department of Child and Family Services

"Instructor very knowledgeable; always focused on the positive."
-- Michael Hollawell, Account Representative
Air Touch Paging

"Phil is extremely knowledgeable, and is very effective at using the skills
he is teaching in his presentation. He is a great example to follow."
-- Ken Thomas, Principal Mechanical Engineer
L-3 Communications

"Phil's modeling of techniques is great to see. . . ."
-- Delia Ikeda, Trainer
Contra Costa County (CA) Social Services

"You [Phil Bozek] are excellent and demonstrate wonderful skills with lots of energy."
-- Debbie Simpkin, Training Instructor
DPSS Training Center, San Bernardino County, CA

"Phil [Bozek]'s use of personal anecdotes added a lot to the class."
-- Ali McKinney
Program Manager
Volkswagen of America

"I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and needed this information for my new job."
-- Tisa McGhee, Trainer
Davis County (CA) Family Services Department

"Great presentation! [Phil Bozek is a] Real pro, very organized. Applicable examples."
-- Heidi Amundsen, Manager
National Staff Development and Training Association

"I really enjoyed the class. You [Phil Bozek} did an excellent job
instructing! I look forward to taking another one of your classes."
-- Milla Rutland, Administrative Assistant
US Borax

"Please use Dr. Phil Bozek for other training needs."
-- Frances M. Owens, National Account Manager
United States Postal Service

"I look forward to taking another class with you!"
-- Marilyn Peabody, Training Specialist
Nuclear Materials Technology
Los Alamos National Laboratory