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"The most valuable thing that I got out from the seminar was the feedback I
received about my presentation techniques.  It was also good to review my
presentation on video.  It was good to learn about the presentation skills in
a logical manner, as I have not received any formal training on presentation skills."
-- Manabu Iwaoka, Consultant
PricewaterhouseCoopers GHRS

"Having a bilingual instructor was very good."
-- AKT, Human Resource
Reiko Muta

"I have facilitated meetings without giving much thought on how to
facilitate.  I learned specific techniques through examples about how to
conduct an effective meeting.  I would like managers of my organization to
attend this course."
-- Yoshimi Fukushima, Vice President

"I am very satisfied with the program."
-- Takeshi Kinase, Vice President
 American Express International