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"Francine Mahak is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and intelligent."
-- Steve K. Lamoreaux, P-23 Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Francine Mahak is a very positive, energetic, flexible instructor."
-- Rosalind Newmyer, MST-5 Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Francine, you are a great person."
-- Carolyn Edwards, BFIN Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Francine Mahak is an excellent presenter as well as instructor. I would
recommend her to my colleagues."
-- Lynn Wisocki-Smith
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Great course and instructor [Francine Mahak]. Will make preparation shorter and easier."
-- Angela Jaramillo
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Thank you, thank you, Francine! I have learned more about myself."
-- G. Lucero
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"It was one of the best, or the best workshop I have ever attended! Francine
is a wonderful teacher.
-- Marquita L. Maestas, Marketing Analyst
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"I am impressed with Francine's ability to present material clearly.  Her
focus is on promoting understanding, not on impressing the audience with her
knowledge--which she has in abundance.  She facilitates discussions by
drawing out those who are reluctant while keeping the more vocal participants
in check.  She does this without offending.  The focus remains on the
subject, rather than on the people involved.  Francine expresses herself
clearly, listens well, and solicits feedback to ensure that the class members
understand what is being presented.  She deals well with both cultural and
educational diversity."
-- Gary Price, Technical Specialist