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"Eileen is a real inspiration. As a role model she is amazing. Her expertise
and encouragement are critical ingredients to the success of this workshop."
-- Jeri Owen
Volkswagen Credit

"The instructor [Eileen Flanigan] was fantastic. She knew her subject well
and kept my interest throughout."
-- Ryan Will
Volkswagen Credit

"I loved the practice and the opportunity for feedback.  I appreciated how
you [Eileen] customized the content and application for our needs.  Thank you!
-- R. Orr
Leadership Development
Mountain States Employers Council

"Eileen [Flanigan] keeps a very positive attitude with the subject matter.
Fun and very informative . . ."
-- Edward G. Pohl
Volkswagen Credit

"I liked how the facilitator [Eileen Flanigan] kept us in line and addressed
issue in the meeting."
-- Mary Murdoch
Nextel Communications

"The facilitator [Eileen Flanigan] engaged participants and made the workshop
applicable and enjoyable."
-- Gary Harris
Volkswagen Credit

"This is one of the best workshops I have been to in a long while.  I learned
so much by do not feel overwhelmed.  Eileen practices what she preaches!
-- S. Reay
Qwest Communications

"Eileen [Flanigan] was extremely knowledgeable of subject matter and was able
to keep focus on objectives as well as draw individual goals to be accomplished."
-- R. J. Wiles
Volkswagen Canada

"I really enjoyed the course and appreciated and very much liked Eileen."
-- Eric Schmidt
Volkswagen of America

"Great class! Enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor [Eileen Flanigan] --
personal experience enhanced class."
-- Nancy McElwain, Denver Service Center
Galileo International

"Great presentation!"
-- Pamela Kaye
Volkswagen Credit