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"I have never attended a 2-day course where I have learned so much and still enjoyed myself!!"
-- Kathy Sack, Compensation Specialist

"This workshop was exceptional. It was very informative and I learned a lot
of information I will be able to use every day."
-- Anne Sarmiento, Legal Administrator
US Borax

"Yes! Everyone who writes/communicates in writing at Alcon should take this course."
-- Donna Wills, QA Compliance Specialist
Alcon Laboratories

"Best writing class at VW in 20 years."
-- Mickey Kalfut, Brand Loyalty
Volkswagen of America

"Please make everyone in our company take this course!"
-- Carl Barnett, Land Use Specialist
Sierra Pacific Power

"An excellent class. I've taken other business writing classes, but this was
the best and most helpful."
-- Al Weber, Release Coordinator

"[I] Really enjoyed the class and am sure that will be of positive benefit to
me and, more importantly, to the people I communicate with."
-- Martyn Buttenshaw, Mine Planner
US Borax

"I came away from this workshop with MUCH, much more knowledge than I came in with."
-- Louise Randolph, Payroll Team Leader
Volkswagen of America

"I now have confidence in my abilities to produce a technical document and a
reduction in the time I take to produce it."
-- Mary Climo, Quality Assessment Specialist    
Alcon Laboratories

"Excellent class! Provides information that can be applied immediately."
-- Ted Man, Engineer
Alcon Laboratories

"Nothing can be done to improve this workshop. It's perfect."
-- Sharon Jennings, Training Specialist
Nuclear Materials Technology
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"I now have the tools to revise and clarify my writing. . . I found this one
of the most enjoyable workshops I have ever attended. Thank you!"
-- Kym Meisner, Parts Strategy Key User
Volkswagen Canada

"This was the BEST training class I have attended."
-- Nancy Denny, Analyst/Specialsit

"I came to this workshop with little or no knowledge about 'good' business
writing and came out with a full load of correct, good, and better ways to
communicate -- not only in the business world but in daily living too!"
-- J. Lin, Manufacturing Engineer
Kelsey Hayes Co.

"This was a magnificent course. I learned more than I expected."
-- Kathleen Vanderweel, Test Engineer

"All of [our employees] who use computers should take this class."
-- Roger Riffey, Energy Services Manager
US Borax

"I learned almost as much in these two days as I did in my entire freshman
English course. I enjoy the 'reality' aspect [of the workshop]. I can really
use these techniques."
-- Tanya Garduno, Data Specialist

"I thought my writing was above average, without much room for improvement.
However, I believe that the effectiveness of my writing will improve twofold
as a result of this class."
-- Brian Fitzgerald, Manufacturing Engineer
Alcon Laboratories

"I loved the participation and group exercises. Really an enjoyable and useful workshop."
--Jane Sevedge, Market Research Analyst,
Sierra Pacific Power Co.

"I enjoyed this much! I want to write lots of impactful e-mails."
-- Jill McCullough, Parts Accounting
Volkswagen Canada

"The class was great. Get more Alcon people to take it. Even if they are good
writers, the class will help."
-- Matthew M. McConkey, Project Engineer
Alcon Laboratories

"I thought the instructor was excellent, very knowledgeable and very generous
with giving useful material."
-- Lisa Sexton, Administrative Assistant
US Borax

"I didn't have a clue on where to start a memo. This course points me in the
right direction and gives me good guidelines to use."
-- Jill Johnson, Customer Service Representative
Sierra Pacific Power Co.

"Excellent! You applied the course content directly to my everyday business
writing -- very useful!"
-- Kelly Anderson, Data Specialist

"A consistent, absolutely wonderful experience to be learning so much in 2 days."
-- James Goh, Mining Engineer
US Borax

"Very beneficial information and relevant to my job position. Enjoyed the
business scenarios."
-- Tracey Alston, Project Leader
KPMG Consulting

"Great class!"
-- Tracy Branch, Product Safety
US Borax

"This course will help me save hours writing e-mails, proposals, and reports.
Writing does not seem so painful anymore!"
-- Gretchen Thompson, Regional Manager,
Government Affairs

"A wonderful experience!"
-- Mary L. Lujan, Stock Analyst
Westpac Utilities

"All who asked me got an excellent review of the class -- and many asked me."
-- Susan Paterson, Shipping Office
Alcon Laboratories

"I can't wait to write something!"
-- Anne Birrell, GL Vehicle Team
Volkswagen Canada

"[This] Course was excellent, well-done. Facilitator was excellent, humorous.
Handouts will be very helpful for retaining info. Constant interaction made
seminar very interesting."
-- Catherine Yeo, A/P Team Leader
Volkswagen Canada

"The workshop was so informative!"
-- Peggy Doyle, Customer Service Representative
Alcon Laboratories

"What can you do to improve this workshop? Not possible!"
-- Travis Johnson, Electrical Engineer
Westpac Utilities, Reno  NV

"I have been to at least two other seminars on writing and neither came close
to giving me the information this one has. Excellent seminar!"
-- Doris Wagner, Business Analyst

"I highly recommend this class to anyone who does any writing."
-- Mary Escano, Industrial Hygiene Technician
US Borax

"The instructor was very informative and friendly, and made it a relaxed atmosphere."
-- Michele Fasano, Training Coordinator
KPMG Consulting

"Thanks! I really learned a lot!"
-- Katie Worst, Operations Assistant
VW Credit Inc.

"[I] can apply this to all business writing needs."
-- Susan Johnson, Quality Document Control Administrator
Alcon Laboratories

"This was the best training course I have taken at MCI."
-- Michelle Fisher, Data Specialist

"For me, Phil is 2 for 2: Writing workshop and Leading Effective Meetings! Thank you!"
-- Stu Lubor, Project Manager
VW Credit Inc.

"This was fun and useful information."
-- Steve Fleming
VW Credit Inc.

"[The workshop] held the interest of all and it was very informative."
-- Cori Evertson, Surgical Customer Service Representative
Alcon Laboratories

"[This 'Interactive Technical Writing' workshop] will help all employees for their performance."
-- Mike Lin, Senior Scientist I
Alcon Laboratories

"Very educational, informative, and enjoyable."
-- Charley Snyder, Sales Manager

"Great stuff, I loved it."
-- Peter Viney, Area Executive
Volkswagen Canada

"Outstanding course: Content and presentation. I learned more in 2 days than
in a college semester."
-- Casey Driver, Network Administrator
US Borax

"I learned a lot and it was fun."
-- Ron Smith, Customer Service Representative
Alcon Laboratories

"[This 'Interactive Technical Writing' workshop is a] Great tool for writing
quickly and efficiently."
-- Regina Mayberry, Scientist I
Alcon Laboratories

"I thought it was great!"
-- Glen A. Rivera, Project Manager
KPMG Consulting

"Very energetic and upbeat course. Very concise and clear."
-- Mike Hanson, Process Engineer
L-3 Communications

"This course helped me to clarify and make any document as simple as I can,
so the reader can get my point."
-- Jeannie Huang, Planner
Alcon Laboratories

"Phil was awesome and made the day both fun and comfortable."
-- Janice Connell
Volkswagen of America

"I was doubting the value of the class before I took it. You [Phil Bozek]
made it very interesting, useful and especially painless."
-- Paul Lamos, Superintendent of Owens Lake Operations
US Borax

"[This 'Interactive Technical Writing' workshop is] a great help for people
to improve their writing efficiency."
-- Wan-Heng Wan, Senior Scientist II
Alcon Laboratories

"[This 'Interactive Technical Writing' workshop] has been very useful and
informative. It will help me build on my already established writing skills."
-- Misha Hamilton, QA Technical Analyst II
Alcon Laboratories

"You [Phil Bozek] are a very good coach. I really enjoy your positive
feedback. Thank you!"
-- Pierre Fregault, Account Executive
Volkswagen Canada

"Great job! Very enjoyable and informative."
-- Eli Martinez, Process Engineer
L-3 Communications

"An excellent training workshop! I expect lots of use from this training."
-- Stephen Marshall, Technical Writer
Alcon Laboratories

"I wish everyone in my company could attend this seminar. It would benefit all."
-- Tami Snouwaert, Sales Supervisor

"[This 'Interactive Technical Writing' workshop was] Very informative, even
covered basic concepts as well as new ones."
-- Amy Brooks, Associate Scientist
Alcon Laboratories

"Very Interesting, enjoyable. Great material and booklets given out at end of course."
-- Sally Majavucan, OST
VW Credit Inc.

"This ['Interactive Technical Writing'] workshop is informative, interactive and fun."
-- Carla C. Hall, Associate Scientist
Alcon Laboratories

"Very helpful overall."
-- Gretchen Rodegerdts, Customer Care
Volkswagen of America

"Phil [Bozek] is a wonderful instructor."
-- Alicia Mills, Regional Manager
KPMG Consulting

"We were taught how to dispel some 'old' writing habits."
-- Roxanna Orr, Senior Customer Service Representative
Alcon Laboratories

"Phil [Bozek]'s use of personal anecdotes added a lot to the class."
-- Ali McKinney, Program Manager
Volkswagen of America

"Phil [Bozek] was a great instructor and made learning easy."
-- Rosa Maurice, Analyst
KPMG Consulting

"[This workshop] was extremely beneficial and . . . will have a positive
effect on my current responsibilities."
-- Travis Lloyd, Member Support Supervisor
Intermountain Health Care

"Dr. Bozek is a model instructor. Thanks."
-- Cindy Foltz, Document Specialist
Volkswagen of America

"It's excellent."
--Ted Rodden, Planner
US Borax

"I plan on recommending [this seminar] to everyone in my department."
-- Paula Wells, Systems Analyst

"I also learned useful presentation and teaching skills."
-- Michel Rainville, OSS
Volkswagen Canada

"I thought the workshop was excellent."
-- Carrie Borrego, Training Assistant
Nuclear Materials Technology
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"I loved my teacher [Phil Bozek]."
-- Lisa Rivers, Accounting
VW Credit Inc.

"Phillip, you're the best!"
-- Betsy Mitchell, Administrative Assistant, Boron Operations
US Borax

"Excellent teaching style!"
-- Dan Sikora, HR Consultant
Volkswagen of America

"I didn't get drowsy once!"
--Carmen Mayer, Senior Programmer

"The instructor [Phil Bozek} knew the information very well and provided good
leading questions to aid the training."
-- Phillip Cain, Manufacturing Engineer
Alcon Laboratories

"I now know how to make a better visual presentation of my reports."
-- Robert Planck, Engineering Technician
Kelsey Hayes Co.

"I really enjoyed the class. You [Phil Bozek} did an excellent job
instructing! I look forward to taking another one of your classes."
-- Milla Rutland, Administrative Assistant
US Borax

"I look forward to taking another class with you!"
-- Marilyn Peabody, Training Specialist
Nuclear Materials Technology
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"I would like to attend more courses should you offer them."
-- Vickie Reuther, Business Analyst
VW Credit Inc.

"I enjoyed your class so much, I'd like to register for any future
classes you hold for Alcon!  :-)"
-- Celinda Frost, Customer Service Representative
Alcon Laboratories