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"Any course should emulate what this course was about . . . I have never
attended a workshop where the content and enthusiasm have been at such a high
level. Kudos to [the instructor] Phil Bozek!"
-- Paul Abbinanti, Senior Customer Account Representative/Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I learned more in this seminar in three days than I learned in three
different communication classes in college."
-- Suzi Kremer, Customer Account Representative/Trainer
Nextel Communications, Chicago IL

"[This 2-day program] was better than a week-long training for trainers
seminar I attended. I got much more information I can use."
-- Jessie Burr, IM Trainer
Department of Public and Social Services, Riverside County, CA

"Every single aspect of this workshop will be useful. It was wonderful. Sorry
to see it end!!"
-- Carol Lanza, Trainer
Pace Membership Warehouses

"This is the first seminar I've attended that not only kept my attention but
made me excited thinking about all of the ways I would be able to utilize these techniques."
-- Diane Stolzer, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"This is the first and only training/workshop where my attention span
remained high and I learned so much. Thank you!"
-- Pat Thomas, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I thought it was a great class. I enjoyed it. I learned a LOT of information!!"
-- Shannon Jenkins, Trainer
Novus Services Inc.

"Such enthusiasm and energy throughout! Love the way stories are used to make
a point. Such knowledge and credible solutions for all situations."
-- Sandy Wachholtz
Alcon Laboratories Inc.

"This was a great and beneficial course! I can see myself definitely using
this in my everyday business encounters!!"
-- Heather Henderson, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"Not once did I feel close to sleep in the three days! I could see you using
the techniques you train on. It was great."
-- Pete Golden, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"Here's what I liked about the workshop: Phil [Bozek]'s broad knowledge and
ability to give specific observable suggestions and compliments."
-- Lisa Vermillion, Seminar Trainer
Franklin International Institute

"I thought the session was great. I was glad to be in a group w/fellow
trainers to not only see how they train but to hear what they talk to
customers about. Great to learn that way."
-- Judy Gallichio, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"Great class. Trainer [Phil Bozek] was very energetic, humorous, and funny.”
-- Tracy Chakeres, Trainer
Novus Services Inc.

"Workshop was fun and very helpful!"
-- Karen Cobb, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"The most effective part of this workshop was watching Phil teach -- there's
nothing like a great model! Can't think of a thing to improve!"
-- Eileen Flanigan, Materiel Systems Division
Hughes Aircraft Co., Los Angeles CA

"Great interaction and learning tools. I have learned a lot and also feel as
if I will retain it and put it to good use!"
-- Colleen Garcia, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"The aspects of this workshop that will be most useful to me are powerful
conclusions and teaching by asking questions. . . . The attendees all grew in
their skills and seemed excited to apply them. The partnering at the end of
the workshop to reinforce the commitment to apply skills is fabulous!"
-- Penny Peloquin, Customer Service Manager
Nextel Communications

"This was a very positive motivating class for me. It will help me make the
move to my new job."
-- Cathy Boyle, Trainer
Novus Services Inc.

"I really wish I had you [the instructor] as a prof in college!"
-- Joe Kopcynski, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"The quality of your training and your teaching ability is outstanding. Your
personal style is so warm complimentary, fun, encouraging, supportive --
shall I go on?"
-- Patricia Ciona, Seminar Trainer
Franklin Quest Canada Ltd.

"Phil was an excellent facilitator -- I am going to use a lot of ideas
covered in class to enhance my training sessions."
-- Stephanie Schmidt, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I think the workshop was excellent. I would like to do it again in 6-12
months and get inspired again."
-- Lisa Molinar, Trainer
Contra Costa County (CA) Human Services

". . . Elevated applications that will be useful for the rest of my career. .
. . I am glad to have been a part of this training."
-- John P. Simone, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"This was by far the most exciting, educational, and motivated workshop I've
ever attended. EXCELLENT!"
-- Janet Ingram-Mello, Facilitator
Alcon Surgical Inc.

"I really enjoyed this workshop. I feel I have greatly improved in many areas
that will benefit me not only in a work setting, but in everyday life. Well done."
-- Roger Anderson, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I learned so much; this was extremely worthwhile." 
-- Teri Zirngibl, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"Excellent class!"
-- Andrea Seay, Trainer
Novus Services Inc.

"I really enjoyed this class. I learned so much valuable info that I will
immediately use starting now!"
-- Cheryl Alhadeff, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"No improvement necessary. Great class!"
-- Debbie Nelson, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"Phil, you're amazing! (I mean it :))"
-- Melinda Moore
Alcon Laboratories Inc.

"Thanks, Phil, for helping our customers receive better trainings! We'll all
benefit from this!"
-- Patricia Bliss, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I think we should have you back once a year for motivational refreshers!"
-- Diane Gomez, Trainer
AT&T Global Information Solutions

"You [Phil Bozek] are excellent and demonstrate wonderful skills with lots of energy."
-- Debbie Simpkin, Training Instructor
DPSS Training Center, San Bernardino County, CA

"This seminar was excellent. I feel very empowered."
-- Veronda Brown, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"Great workshop! It helped me see so much more room for my personal growth."
-- Jeffrey Arnson, Trainer
Nextel Communications

"Thanks for an excellent workshop -- we all enjoyed it and learned so much.
Thanks for a superior experience!!!"
-- Soraya Hesabi, Director of Training
Pace Membership Warehouses

"Excellent class, very helpful."
-- Ben Herrera, Trainer
Nextel Communications

"What can we do to improve the workshop? Nothing! I loved it!"
-- Alicia Sells, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"The most effective aspect of this workshop was] Practice, practice,
practice! (And the fun I had learning!)"
-- Deborah Rzonca, Materiel Systems Division   
Hughes Aircraft Co., Los Angeles CA

"Before I took this class I was petrified to speak publicly. Now I have a lot more confidence."
-- Alicia Sells, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications