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"A great active learning environment!!!!"
-- Doris Ivanov
Nextel Communications

"The balance between lecture & doing was excellent . . . The pacing of the
workshop was great . . . The 'B. E. S. T.' method is a great way for rapidly
preparing presentations w/out a lot of pain and suffering."
-- Willie Pugit, Customer Service Representative
United States Postal Service

"Fast pace -- interactive -- good focus -- high energy -- Phil, you have the passion!"
-- Denny Ah-Tye, Trainer
San Joaquin County (CA) Department of Social Services

"I loved the interaction of the smaller group -- we learned from each other."
-- Pat Hampton
Customer Service Rep
The United States Postal Service

I have never attended a workshop where the content and enthusiasm have been
at such a high level. Kudos to [the instructor] Phil Bozek!"
-- Paul Abbinanti, Senior Customer Account Representative/Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I have never attended a 2-day course where I have learned so much and still enjoyed myself!!"
-- Kathy Sack, Compensation Specialist

"[The most effective aspect of this workshop was] Practice, practice,
practice! (And the fun I had learning!)
-- Deborah Rzonca, Materiel Systems Division   
Hughes Aircraft Co., Los Angeles CA

"Such enthusiasm and energy throughout! Love the way stories are used to make
a point. Such knowledge and credible solutions for all situations."
-- Sandy Wachholtz
Alcon Laboratories Inc.

"I loved the participation and group exercises. Really an enjoyable and useful workshop."
--Jane Sevedge, Market Research Analyst,
Sierra Pacific Power Co.

"I truly enjoyed this course . . . your instruction was superb in every way!"
-- Jeff Collings, Project Engineer
L-3 Communications

"Excellent teaching style!"
-- Dan Sikora, HR Consultant
Volkswagen of America

"It was excellent. You [Phil] were able to create a comfortable atmosphere
surrounding a topic which can be stressful and uncomfortable. . . "
-- Marny Donnelly, Account Representative Supervisor
Air Touch Paging

"Not once did I feel close to sleep in the three days! I could see you using
the techniques you train on. It was great."
-- Pete Golden, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"I didn't get drowsy once!"
--Carmen Mayer, Senior Programmer

"[This] Course was excellent, well-done. Facilitator was excellent, humorous.
Handouts will be very helpful for retaining info. Constant interaction made
seminar very interesting."
-- Catherine Yeo, A/P Team Leader
Volkswagen Canada

"I appreciate your coaching and building the rapport of participants to want
each other to succeed and cheer each other on. It helped a lot."
-- Chris Bailey, Customer Service Representative
United States Postal Service

"I thought the session was great. I was glad to be in a group w/fellow
trainers to not only see how they train but to hear what they talk to
customers about. Great to learn that way."
-- Judy Gallichio, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"Great class. Trainer [Phil Bozek] was very energetic, humorous, and funny “.
-- Tracy Chakeres, Trainer
Novus Services Inc.

"The most effective part of this workshop was watching Phil teach -- there's
nothing like a great model! Can't think of a thing to improve!"
-- Eileen Flanigan, Materiel Systems Division
Hughes Aircraft Co., Los Angeles CA

"Great interaction and learning tools. I have learned a lot and also feel as
if I will retain it and put it to good use!"
-- Colleen Garcia, CAR Trainer
Nextel Communications

"The quality of your training and your teaching ability is outstanding. Your
personal style is so warm complimentary, fun, encouraging, supportive --
shall I go on?"
-- Patricia Ciona, Seminar Trainer
Franklin Quest Canada Ltd.

"You [Phil Bozek] are excellent and demonstrate wonderful skills with lots of energy."
-- Debbie Simpkin, Training Instructor
DPSS Training Center, San Bernardino County, CA

"The most effective aspect of this workshop was] Practice, practice,
practice! (And the fun I had learning!)"
-- Deborah Rzonca, Materiel Systems Division   
Hughes Aircraft Co., Los Angeles CA

"The most effective aspect of this workshop was] Practice, practice,
practice! (And the fun I had learning!)"
-- Deborah Rzonca, Materiel Systems Division   
Hughes Aircraft Co., Los Angeles CA

"This is one of the most valuable and practical courses I have taken. The
materials were easy to understand and we had numerous opportunities to apply
what we were learning."
-- Lisa Sylvestri, Manager of Indirect Distribution
Nextel Communications

"Very smooth presentation, clear expectations, never arrogant or talking down
to anyone. Extremely pleasant instructor made everyone feel at ease."
-- Tim Culver, Account Manager
United States Postal Service

"Phil was excellent -- nice style -- calm and knowledgeable."
-- Doreen Rathburn, Account Manager
United States Postal Service

"Phil [Bozek] is a great guy, very kind & very helpful; genuine to the core.
He gave SPECIFIC ideas for improvement."
-- Amy Carlyle, Activations Manager
Nextel Communications

"[Phil,] Your demeanor is excellent. Very pleasant."
-- Ralph Carranza, National Account Manager
United States Postal Service

"This ['Interactive Technical Writing'] workshop is informative, interactive and fun."
-- Carla C. Hall, Associate Scientist
Alcon Laboratories

"[I] Appreciate the way you lessen the intimidation in the class. Your
support was wonderful, uplifting."
-- Lannette Loo, Customer Account Manager
US Borax

"I like how open you [Phil Bozek] were to new and different ideas. You never
answered with a negative response."
-- Melissa Brazington-Smith, Sales Specialist
United States Postal Service

"GREAT class and facilitator -- listens and CONSTRUCTIVELY gives advice for better performance."
-- Michelle Fluharty, Senior Fulfillment Specialist
Nextel Communications

"Phil's energy is infectious. I felt energized simply by attending."
-- James Goh, Engineer Economist
US Borax

"Great energy from Phil (Teacher) and it was encouraged from all participants."
-- Corliss Douglas, Program Analyst
United States Postal Service

"The facilitator was awesome."
-- Barry B. Shelton
Sales Specialist
The United States Postal Service

"Instructor very knowledgeable; always focused on the positive."
-- Michael Hollawell, Account Representative
Air Touch Paging

"Best use of a workbook I have ever seen. Best seminar I can remember
-- Roger Brown, Manufacturing Engineer
L-3 Communications

"I appreciated the very specific suggestions and personal feedback. Videotape
approach is very helpful."
-- Steve Barham, Engineering Manager
L-3 Communications

"Excellent course. Lots of Information, good sequence, good pacing, effective
use of practical experience and feedback. Small class size was great."
-- Jim Lucas, FSS-DO Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Francine Mahak is an excellent presenter as well as instructor. I would
recommend her to my colleagues."
-- Lynn Wisocki-Smith
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Francine Mahak is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and intelligent."
-- Steve K. Lamoreaux, P-23 Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"Francine Mahak is a very positive, energetic, flexible instructor."
-- Rosalind Newmyer, MST-5 Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory

"An overall excellent workshop. One of the few times the instructor practiced
what was preached. Perfect teaching by example."
-- Bill Percival, Staff Engineer
L-3 Communications

"Phil is extremely knowledgeable, and is very effective at using the skills
he is teaching in his presentation. He is a great example to follow."
-- Ken Thomas, Principal Mechanical Engineer
L-3 Communications

"[I] Really appreciate the resource material, specifically the summary materials."
-- Daren Burnett, Project Engineer
L-3 Communications

"The well-organized structure: 'Recipes' were invaluable as a reference tool.
Video helped me see my own mistakes so that I could improve."
-- Douglas W. Bisacchi, Manager of Engineering Economics
US Borax

"[The most effective aspects of this workshop were] 1. Organization methods,
and 2. The use of a systematic process to evaluate performance."
-- Bernard Shen, Technical Staff   
Lear Astronics Co.

"I liked Phil's level of energy & his positive attitude!"
-- Stacey Opp, Concurrent Engineering
L-3 Communications

"It was a great course."
-- Kurt Ganderup, Research Engineer
US Borax

"Dr. Phil is a dynamic presenter & teacher. Time just flew by."
-- Sushama Parekh, Member of Technical Staff
Lear Astronics Corporation

"It was good to address a weakness that I have in such a positive constructive environment."
-- Randy Sylvester, Staff Engineer
L-3 Communications

"I like the interaction and 'hands-on' approach."
--Timothy Gribben, Process Engineer
US Borax

I thought it was AWESOME! Very effective! [Phil Bozek] is a great presenter.
He listens to people; is enthusiastic; very knowledgeable; available for
questions at all times (very nice touch)!
-- Rachel Fisher, Proposal Coordinator
Prudential Insurance, Woodland Hills CA

"Dr. Phil [Bozek] is one of those instructors who comes around once in a blue
moon, who can motivate and teach with care, patience and kindness."
-- Eric Edblad, Supervisor
US Borax

"Excellent Instructor, high energy, strong knowledge of topic."
-- Lisa Programmer, Human Services
University of California Davis

"I think the '1. Instruction 2. Application' technique was very helpful. The
actual practice and critiques sessions were a plus. The pre-survey put you in
tune with the class."
-- Lucious Sumlar, Manager
United States Postal Service

"I enjoyed Phil's knowledge on the subject matter and his friendly demeanor.
I especially enjoyed when we were able to do 'hands on' activities."
-- Wendy Barrett, Accountant (Wilmington)
US Borax

"[I found most useful] The building block approach to the presentation and
the immediate feedback from group and instructor." 
-- George Hodges, Vice President
Farm Credit Bank of Texas

"Great job of presenting, keeping us on track and always with positive
feedback. Nothing was asked of us that we could not do or made to feel we
could not do."
-- Sheila Hemmelgain, CCM Coordinator
United States Postal Service

"[Phil Bozek has] Outstanding feedback and people skills. Builds on positive
and information gained."
-- George Parsons, Team Leader
United States Postal Service

The way Phil [Bozek] put people at ease made a potentially uncomfortable
program very beneficial."
-- David Slater, Senior Loan Officer
CoBank, Sacramento CA

"The overall content and organization of this course was excellent."
-- Dale Harvey, Maintenance Planner
Kennecott Utah Copper

"Getting comfortable critiquing each other was an added benefit."
-- Marlene Niemeir, Assistant Vice President
CoBank, Spokane WA

"Extremely enjoyable and informative -- loved the small class with one-on-one
[coaching]. Experience is everything, much better than just hearing it."
-- Ellen Palmer
United States Postal Service

"Phil, thank you, I very much appreciated your excellent organization and
facilitation skills. It helped the participants learn the materials."
-- Luanne D. Smith, Administrative Assistant
Kennecott Utah Copper

"Phillip made everyone feel at ease in a very difficult type of workshop.
When the participants first started, everyone was very tense about trying the
presentation technique but . . . [soon] everyone was working well."
--Gary Horton, Trainer
L-3 Communications

"Five-Star Presentation *****!"
-- Bob Davis, Trainer
Humboldt County (CA) CVS

"Great presentation/style. Energy consistent beginning to end. I enjoyed it
and found it useful."
-- Terri McLaughlin, Trainer
Yuba County (CA) Human Services

"Very interactive and hands on. I have a new training I'm working on and this
helped me get some points down on paper. I got a good start!!"
-- Jessie M. Burr, Trainer
San Bernardino (CA) Social Services Group

"Relevant content; Immediate feedback from mini 'do it' activities; great
instructor. One of the best training courses I've ever had."
-- Jack Tobiasson
Documentation Development
Novell Inc.

" . . . The role playing really makes us learn the material -- and remember it longer."
-- Linda Shelton
Novell Inc.

"I thought the instructor was excellent, very knowledgeable and very generous
with giving useful material."
-- Lisa Sexton, Administrative Assistant
US Borax

"Very powerful workshop. Interesting from beginning to end."
-- Marlo Santana, Manager

"I was greatly pleased that finally a seminar that I had to attend was
worthwhile, informative, and fun!"
-- Carlos Carrera
Volkswagen Credit

"Well-paced, Professional! Well worth the time I spent."
-- Herbert Behrend
Volkswagen Canada

"Great class! Enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor. Personal experience
enhanced the class."
-- Nancy McElwain
Denver Service Center
Galileo International

"The instructor [Eileen Flanigan] was fantastic. She knew her subject well
and kept my interest throughout."
-- Ryan Will
Volkswagen Credit

"This is one of the best workshops I have been to in a long while.  I learned
so much by do not feel overwhelmed.  Eileen practices what she preaches!
-- S. Reay
Qwest Communications

"Eileen [Flanigan] keeps a very positive attitude with the subject matter.
Fun and very informative . . ."
-- Edward G. Pohl
Volkswagen Credit

"The facilitator [Eileen Flanigan] engaged participants and made the workshop
applicable and enjoyable."
-- Gary Harris
Volkswagen Credit

"[The workshop's] Format flowed and was logical and user-friendly! The day
flew! I was so involved."
-- Todd Adams
Novell Inc.

"Eileen is a real inspiration. As a role model she is amazing. Her expertise
and encouragement are critical ingredients to the success of this workshop."
-- Jeri Owen
Volkswagen Credit Inc.

"Eileen [Flanigan] was extremely knowledgeable of subject matter and was able
to keep focus on objectives as well as draw individual goals to be
-- R. J. Wiles
Volkswagen Canada

"(The) exceptional instructor embodied the ideals of the course in his performance."          
-- Chris Sears, Netware for Unix Dept.
Novell Inc., Provo, UT

"The instructor was very clear and pleasant -- genuinely interested in
helping the group learn. Very organized."
-- Ryan Will, Manager
Volkswagen of America, Chicago IL

"Phil [Bozek] knows the content perfectly, has extensive experience that
helps demonstrate the issues and suggestions."
-- Lars Karlsson, Manager
US Borax

"Phil [Bozek]'s use of personal anecdotes added a lot to the class."
-- Ali McKinney, Program Manager
Volkswagen of America

"Phil [Bozek] was a great instructor and made learning easy."
-- Rosa Maurice, Analyst
KPMG Consulting

"The instructor was very informative and friendly, and made it a relaxed
-- Michele Fasano, Training Coordinator
KPMG Consulting

"Very energetic and upbeat course. Very concise and clear."
 --Mike Hanson, Process Engineer
L-3 Communications

"The instructor [Phil Bozek} knew the information very well and provided good
leading questions to aid the training."
-- Phillip Cain, Manufacturing Engineer
Alcon Laboratories

"I really enjoyed the class. You [Phil Bozek} did an excellent job
instructing! I look forward to taking another one of your classes."
-- Milla Rutland, Administrative Assistant
US Borax