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Leading Effective Meetings is an intensive 8- or 12-hour workshop on how to
plan and conduct high-quality business meetings, and how to evaluate and
continuously improve them.

Meetings Are Investments

     "Meetings are nothing less than the medium through which managerial work is
     performed. That means we should not be fighting their very existence, but
     rather using the time spent in them as efficiently as possible."
     -- Andrew S. Groves, High Output Management

Managers often spend 10 or more hours per week in meetings, and CEO's
typically spend 69% of their time in meetings. Dollar-smart organizations
make sure their meetings run effectively, because time is money -- and
meetings are very expensive investments.

How To Tell If You Have Wasteful Meetings
Are your organization's meetings called at a moment's notice? Do they start
late or drag on and on?  Do they lack agendas, focused discussions, or
definite conclusions? Do meeting attendees act negative or bored, or talk too
much or too little? Do you simply have too many meetings? If so, your
organization is wasting time and money -- maybe quite a lot of money

The Benefits of Leading Effective Meetings
By using the techniques of our workshop, your organization's participants
will benefit by having:
     ·Results-oriented meetings in less time
     ·Fast, effective idea-generating and decision-making techniques
     ·Clearer, shorter discussions and presentations
     ·Fewer disruptions by negative or overly talkative participants
     ·Clear action plans after every meeting
     ·Clear meeting agendas and minutes
     ·Accurate records of key decisions
     ·Better teamwork and morale; more satisfaction with meetings
     ·Higher productivity: less time meeting = more time working
     ·Time savings that can equal hundreds thousands of dollars per year

What Your Participants Will Learn
Based on our pre-workshop consultations, we tailor Leading Effective Meetings
to emphasize skills and techniques that maximize benefits to your trainees.
Your participants will learn to:
     ·Determine if they really need a meeting for a given issue.
     ·Prepare for meetings by following a systematic process.
     ·Choose the right people to attend meetings.
     ·Use various room arrangements to facilitate meeting purposes.
     ·Quickly write effective agendas and minutes for meetings.
     ·Open meetings in an organized, effective manner.
     ·List and demonstrate key aspects of effective meeting leadership.
     ·Use several techniques for organizing discussions at meetings.
     ·Use creative group techniques like Fast Networks and Issue Vote to organize
       discussions at meetings.
     ·Manage problem behaviors exhibited during meetings.
     ·Use strategies for closing meetings in an effective, upbeat way.
     ·Ensure follow-up after meetings.
     ·Offer diplomatic, constructive feedback to fellow trainees.
     ·Precisely describe the characteristics of excellent meetings.

Who Should Attend?
Leading Effective Meetings is designed for all managerial, sales, or
technical professionals who plan or lead meetings.

An Eight-Hour or Twelve-Hour Format
This comprehensive, practical workshop is available in an eight-hour (1-day)
format -- or, for larger groups, a twelve-hour (1.5-day) format. To ensure
good practice, feedback, and interaction, we recommend a maximum of eight
participants for the eight-hour format, and twelve participants for the
twelve-hour format.

Consultants Available
 Phillip E. Bozek
 Eileen Flanigan
 James Hayase

General Pricing Policies