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Our Leadership Through Coaching workshop enables your professionals to
support each other in mastering their organization's change efforts and new
management approaches. Leadership Through Coaching develops the coaching
skills necessary to work with continuous change, create successful
self-directed teams, empower individual employees, and facilitate the
transfer of training over time.

The Benefits to Your Participants and Your Organization
From Leadership Through Coaching, your participants and your organization
will gain:

     ·New Leadership Skills. Your managers, supervisors, and team leaders will
      develop the skills they need for today's global challenges and constant
      changes, and will learn to develop leadership skills among their teammates.

     ·New Ways of Thinking. Focusing on goals and vision to move from "putting
      out fires" to innovation and success, Leadership Through Coaching frees
      participants' thinking process from the limitations of a problem-centered,
      risk-averse focus.

Major Workshop Features

     ·A Customized Program.  Through the use of pre-workshop questionnaires
      and/or diagnostic interviews with key people from your organization,
      Communication Designs will tailor Leadership Through Coaching to your
      organization's vision and cultural characteristics.

     ·Coaching Practice. Each workshop participant practices coaching skills
      within the workshop group, and plans for the specific application of these
      skills to his/her daily responsibilities.

     ·Coaching Follow-Up.  As part of each LTC workshop, Communication Designs
      also provides a full-day follow-up session within two months of the initial
      training. This follow-up session provides review, advanced concepts, and
      coaching practice to reinforce and enhance the new coaching skills.

What Your Participants Will Learn
Workshop participants will incorporate central supervisory communication
skills like listening, delegating, and reviewing performance into a new
paradigm of the leader as coach. Participants will clarify their own and
their team's vision, goals, and mutual expectations, learning five major
techniques to apply within four major contexts:

   Five Major Techniques
     ·Facilitating new, more productive thinking processes
     ·Focusing on ultimate goals rather than immediate problems
     ·Using questions to elicit visions and solutions
     ·Giving skillful, supportive feedback
     ·Accessing one's own best resources under stress

   Four Major Contexts

Who Should Attend?
Leadership Through Coaching will benefit managers, team leaders, and
supervisors who need innovative management skills for self-directed teams.
Since coaching skills are increasingly necessary among peers, this workshop
will also benefit team members and other employees.

Logistical Specifics
Some workshop specifics:
     ·Length: 24 hours (3 days): 16 hours (2 days) of the initial
       workshop session plus 8 hours (1 day) of follow-up
     ·Number of participants: 8-10 ideal, 10 maximum
     ·Pre-workshop diagnostic customization included
     ·Workbooks, preparation blanks,  summary sheets, and reference
       tools provided
     ·Follow-up consultation included

Consultants Available
 Francine Mahak

General Pricing Policies