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James Hayase, with his extensive background and depth of experience in communication consulting, founded One Associates in April 2000 as an alliance with Communication Designs Inc. and EQ Japan.   As Communication Designs partner, James and One Associates seek to help companies instill change in today's advanced information society through developing innovative communication practices and policies, conducting communication planning, developing custom communication programs and holding lectures with clients.

James was a Certified Public Accountant for a Big Six accounting firm, where he held audit responsibilities for American and Japanese clients in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, industrial machinery, trading and law. During his 8-year stay in US, James fully realized how the strength of an organization was directly related to the integration of its independently operating segments

After returning to Japan in 1993, James joined Franklin Covey, where he was elevated to president in 1997. It was during his five years here where he introduced new time-management concepts in Japan, and began leadership and productivity training. His unique methods of linking corporate mission and vision with individual values help to plan and support participants' career and life plans.

Following a merger by Covey Leadership Center, he joined the world's largest management and technology service organization, Accenture, as an associate partner. Along with helping to develop the outsourcing division, James was also responsible for implementing a global career development model, developing a goal-oriented management-school policy plan, conducting paradigm-shift training, holding dynamic presentation-skills training, and supporting change-management communication programs. James currently maintains an advisory role to Accenture's Government Client Group. 

James has co-authored the book Human Performance Evolution and was a contributing writer in Outsourcing: A Strategic Approach To Enterprise Transformation.