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Interactive Technical Writing is an intensive 2-day workshop, a comprehensive
approach to technical written communication that considers technical writing
to be not just "words on a page" but a dynamic process of communication among
responsive technical professionals.

The Benefits to Your Participants
For your organization's workshop participants, Interactive Technical Writing
will result in:
     Fast, Accurate Writing. From interactive planning to final revision, ITW
     provides an easy, flexible process adaptable to virtually any writing task.
     ITW can cut workshop participants' document production time by 30-50% -- and
     improve quality and accuracy.

     Fast, Accurate Reading. By combining the psychology of reading with audience
     analysis, text simplification techniques, and various strategies for using
     visuals, ITW can cut document reading time by 30-50% -- and improve quality
     and accuracy.

     Fast, Accurate Responding. ITW's innovative document formats  economize major
     steps in the process of responding to ideas
     in writing. That means quicker implementation of valuable ideas and programs.

Major Workshop Features

     Pre-workshop Diagnostics. Communication Designs' pre-session
     diagnostic procedures incorporate your organization's technical and cultural
     characteristics into the  ITW training approach.

     A Customized ProgramITW, like every Communication Designs workshop, is
     tailored -- not only to an organization or a division, but also to the
     individual people attending each workshop. ITW employs a combination of model
     and participant documents to translate theory into individual, practical

     Workshop and Reference Materials. ITW provides workshop participants with
     innovative workbooks for use during the training session, easy-to-use
     preparation formats for future writing projects, and a bibliography of
     top-quality reference tools.

     Post-workshop Followup.  Communication Designs employs a variety of
     approaches that provides long-term motivation for participants to employ the
     skills they have learned.

What Your Participants Will Learn
From Interactive Technical Writing, your participants will learn to:
     ·Identify the characteristics of well-written technical documents.
     ·Identify and correct myths about reading and writing technical documents.
     ·Identify weaknesses and strengths in their own writing habits.
     ·Use a systematic process to generate a variety of technical or business
     ·Describe how the readers of documents vary from each other and adjust to
       various ways they read documents.
     ·Use a Document Planner Page to target documents for readers.
     ·Use several brainstorming techniques to generate ideas quickly.
     ·Use several organizing techniques and visual formats to make documents
       easier to read.
     ·Design and incorporate effective visuals into their documents.
     ·Use "Aerobic Writing" to generate drafts of their documents.
     ·Implement several techniques for overcoming writer's block.
     ·Use informative subject lines and headings to make documents easier
       to read.
     ·Make documents' main ideas and action requests easier to find.
     ·Simplify the language of their documents.
     ·Edit and revise their documents for clarity and accuracy.
     ·Give and receive commentary on each other's writing.

Who Should Attend?
Interactive Technical Writing will benefit technical personnel, managers,
administrators, and staff specialists -- all professionals who write
technical or business documents.

Some workshop specifics:
     ·Length:  Two days (16 hours)
     ·Number of participants: 10-15 ideal; 15 maximum
     ·Pre-workshop diagnostic research included
     ·Workbooks, preparation blanks, summary sheets, and reference tools provided
     ·Post-workshop followup consultation included

Consultants Available
 Phillip E. Bozek

General Pricing Policies