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Facilitating Effective Teams is a practice-intensive three-day workshop on
the important, challenging, and unique skill of facilitating meetings in
modern organizations.

What Your Participants Will Learn
Among the concepts and techniques your participants will learn from
Facilitating Effective Teams are:
     ·How to clearly distinguish effective and ineffective teams
     ·The four stages of team development
     ·How to build teams and enhance participation at meetings
     ·Recognizing the roles and responsibilities of team members
     ·The differences between leaders and facilitators of meetings
     ·The various personal styles of dealing with conflict
     ·The appropriate use of consensus and other decision styles
     ·Verbal and nonverbal interventions to manage disruptive or nonproductive
        behaviors at meetings
     ·A systematic process with which to plan meetings
     ·How to focus on the process as well as the content of meetings
     ·How to maintain focus at meetings, resolve conflicts, reach desired meeting
       goals, and implement solutions

Who Should Attend?
Facilitating Effective Teams will benefit managers, administrators, HR
professionals, and staff specialists -- all professionals who lead or
participate in meetings or on teams.

Logistical Specifics:
     ·Length: 24 hours (three full days)
     ·Number of participants: 10 maximum
     ·Team simulation practice sessions: 3 per participant
     ·Pre- and post-workshop consultation included
     ·Workbooks, assessment surveys, commentary forms, and summary
       sheets provided

Consultants Available
 Eileen Flanigan

General Pricing Policies