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Effective E-mails and Documents is a unique, comprehensive 1- or 2-day
workshop that treats business writing not as "words on a screen" but as a
dynamic process of communication among responsive, thinking business people.

EEM&D incorporates the needs of readers into the process of e-mail and
hard-copy document writing, and treats the computer screen and the printed
page as flexible, results-oriented communication media: Writers and readers
work together to get jobs done.

The Benefits to Your Participants
For your organization's workshop participants, Effective E-mails and Documents
will result in:
     Fast, Accurate Writing. From planning to revising, EEM&D provides an easy,
     flexible process adaptable to virtually any writing task. EEM&D can cut
     workshop participants' writing time significantly -- and improve quality and

     Fast, Accurate Reading. By combining the psychology of reading with audience
     analysis and text simplification techniques, EEM&D can dramatically reduce
     document reading time -- and improve quality and accuracy.

     Fast, Accurate Responding. EEM&D's innovative e-mail and document formats
     facilitate the process of responding to ideas in writing. That means quicker
     implementation of valuable ideas and programs.

Major Workshop Features

     Pre-workshop Diagnostics. Communication Designs' pre-workshop diagnostic
     procedures incorporate your organization's cultural characteristics into our
     EEM&D training approach.

     A Customized Program. EEM&D, like every Communication Designs workshop, is
     tailored -- not only to an organization, but also to the individual
     participants attending each workshop.  EEM&D employs a combination of model
     and participant documents to translate theory into individual, practical

     Workshop and Reference Materials. EEM&D provides workshop participants not
     only with innovative workbooks for use during the training session, but also
     with top-quality reference tools and easy-to-use preparation formats for
     future writing projects.

     Post-workshop Followup.  After each EEM&D workshop, we invite participants to
     send us their improved e-mails and documents for feedback and coaching.

What Your Participants Will Learn
From Effective E-mails and Documents, your participants will learn to:
     ·Dramatically reduce the time they spend writing, editing, and reading
       e-mails and documents.
     ·Use a systematic writing process that works for  business, technical,
       sales, and other writing tasks.
     ·Accommodate technical and nontechnical readers in the same document.
     ·Make the purposes of their e-mails and documents crystal clear and
       positioned for greatest impact.
     ·Know the crucial differences between e-mail and hard copy reading
       strategies -- and the corresponding differences in writing strategies.
     ·Use a variety of brainstorming techniques to generate ideas quickly.
     ·Use a variety of innovative organizational formats to ensure their e-mails
       and documents are read and understood.
     ·Say more with fewer words.
     ·Make their writing "read short," regardless of length.
     ·Make the most of word-processing software and e-mail technology.
     ·Master grammar, spelling, and punctuation that spelling and grammar
       checkers may miss.

Who Should Attend EEM&D?
Effective E-mails and Documents will benefit executives, managers, technical
and sales personnel, administrators, and staff specialists -- all
professionals who write or edit e-mails and documents.

Logistical Specifics
Some workshop specifics:
     ·Length:  Two days (16 hours); Condensed 8.5-hour version available
     ·Number of participants: 10-15 ideal; 15 maximum
     ·Pre-workshop diagnostic research included
     ·Workbooks, preparation blanks, summary sheets, and reference tools provided
     ·Post-workshop followup consultation included

Consultants Available
 Phillip E. Bozek

General Pricing Policies