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Our consultants are available for confidential, one-on-one or small group
consulting or coaching sessions. We customize the nature and duration of
these engagements to meet our clients' specific needs and goals.

Listed below are some of our consulting and coaching specialties.

Presentations Coaching

When a presentation to an important audience is needed, we will help your
key people design or redesign their presentations. And since
delivery is always  critical, we will coach your presenters to improve their
delivery skills.

Writing Skills Coaching

Help with basic or advanced writing principles and techniques; help with
designing or redesigning specific documents.

Team/Organization Assessments

Help with identifying and resolving a group's specific communication
and performance barriers.

Team Building

The most effective teams are made up of many powerful one-on-one
relationships. This approach helps reduce conflict and increase overall
team effectiveness by
moving perceptions from "points of view" to "viewing points."

Conflict Mediation

Mediation helps parties in specific conflicts hear and speak to each
other to clarify true issues and interests, and develop their own
agreements for  resolution.

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