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Aspects of Interactive Training is an intensive two- or three-day workshop
focusing on techniques for delivering highly interactive,
participant-centered training to adult learners.

The Benefit to Your Participants
The workshop helps trainers advance far beyond being mere lecturers to become
facilitators of successful, enjoyable adult learning. Aspects is taught
recursively, using the same interactive methods it teaches; through several
guided activities, trainees participate in and discover applications for a
variety of training techniques.

What Your Participants Will Learn
Aspects is designed to be highly tailored to meet your organization's
specific needs. Among the techniques your participants can learn are
     ·Analyzing their learners and tailoring training approaches
     ·How room arrangements affect interactive exchanges
     ·Getting all participants involved in a training session
     ·Facilitating single- and multiple-issue team brainstorming
     ·Using nonverbal language to enhance training
     ·Using interactive "unlecturing" techniques
     ·Using functional icebreakers and activities to enliven training
     ·Delivering visual aids effectively
     ·Building rapport with training participants
     ·Constructing lively openings and powerful conclusions
     ·Asking and answering questions effectively
     ·Managing disruptive behaviors in training sessions
     ·Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Who Should Attend?
Aspects of Interactive Training can be tailored to the needs of beginning or
experienced presenters and trainers.

Logistical Specifics
Aspects of Interactive Training is most effectively delivered in a three-day
format, but can be customized and condensed to two days. To ensure personal
interaction and practice time, each workshop is limited to a maximum of ten

Consultants Available
 Phillip E. Bozek

General Pricing Policies