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Our Logo: A Balance
The Communication Designs logo has a dual significance. First, it is an acronym of our company name -- a black "C" and a white "D" joined together to form a circle. Secondly, the logo is meant to suggest the yin-yang, the ancient symbol of interdependency and balance.

A Balanced Approach to Training
Likewise, we strive to make CD Inc. training workshops balanced experiences.

-First, in customizing our workshops, we adapt and balance our general
expertise with the specific insights and concerns of our clients.

-Secondly, in delivering our workshops, our consultants create balance -- of
input and activity, challenge and safety, insight and practicality, focus and
fun. We know that adults learn by doing things, so our workshops are
interactions, not lectures.  We know that participants need their "comfort
zones" challenged but their self-esteem protected. Likewise, we know that
from theoretical training insight must come practical, bottom-line impact.
And though our workshops are intensively results-oriented, we know that
learning is facilitated by enjoyment and personal rapport.