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"This has been the most useful and informative workshop I have participated
in. My skills have been enhanced enormously."
-- Kara Wagner
Volkswagen Canada

"Relevant content; Immediate feedback from mini 'do it' activities; great
instructor. One of the best training courses I've ever had."
-- Jack Tobiasson
Documentation Development
Novell Inc.

"A must for every manager!"
-- Mike DeVolld, Manager of Training
US Borax

"This is the best workshop I have ever taken."
-- Mary Lou Wladyka
Volkswagen of America

" . . . The role playing really makes us learn the material -- and remember it longer."
-- Linda Shelton
Novell Inc.

"I think all that we have covered is going to be beneficial for me."
-- Darrel Weidner
US Borax

"This was a great workshop for me to see how I would prepare and facilitate a meeting."
-- Wendy Phillips
Volkswagen Credit

"Very powerful workshop. Interesting from beginning to end."
-- Marlo Santana, Manager

"I was greatly pleased that finally a seminar that I had to attend was
worthwhile, informative, and fun!"
-- Carlos Carrera
Volkswagen Credit

"I couldn't possibly list everything I learned. This course should be
required of all managers!"
--Alan Theurer, Manager

"Wonderful course!"
-- Bob Standish
Volkswagen of America

"Excellent course! No suggested improvements needed!"
-- Betty L. Johnson, Manager, LEC Compliance
MCI, Denver CO

"Outstanding workshop facilitation -- full of useful, helpful information. Thank you!"
--T. Kinnard
Director, Software QA
Quest Communications

"Excellent course with numerous practical applications. Thanks, Eileen."
-- Jim Taubitz
Volkswagen of America

"I loved the practice and the opportunity for feedback.  I appreciated how
you customized the content and application for our needs.  Thank you!
-- R. Orr, Leadership Development
Mountain States Employers Council

"The program had very constructive and perceptive feedback for each student. 
I found the conflict resolution skills most useful!"
-- B. Loving, CEO
Scancad, Inc.

"The class was excellent. I learned a lot that I will be able to use in the future."
-- Brynn Cynor
Volkswagen Credit

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I am excited to apply what I have
learned to future meetings."
-- Kelley Lewis, Manager
MCI, Denver CO

"Excellent workshop!"
-- Richelle Malacusky
Volkswagen Canada

"I sincerely enjoyed the class and learned a lot more than I ever thought I could."
-- Kristen Smith, Schedules and Availability Dept.
Galileo International

"This [workshop] was a great investment of time and should pay off many times
over in my career."
-- James Stewart
Volkswagen Credit Inc.

"I got to see what my own personal weaknesses are and was able to find
strategies or approaches for strengthening them. Thanks for your valuable comments."
-- Rick Dame, Manager
Novell Inc., Orem UT

"I thought I was already effective but I still picked up some gems!"
-- Caroline Gillespie, Manager
MCI, Denver CO

"Excellent class. I learned a lot!!"
-- Connie O'Neill
 Intermountain Health Care, Salt Lake City UT

"Very informative and practical. I should have learned this years ago."
-- James Goh, Mining Engineer
US Borax

"This training was excellent."
-- Beverly Stewart, HR Manager
Marconi Actuation Systems Inc.

"Well-paced, Professional! Well worth the time I spent."
--Herbert Behrend
Volkswagen Canada

"Great class! Enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor. Personal experience
enhanced the class."
-- Nancy McElwain
Denver Service Center
Galileo International

"The hands-on approach worked well for me."
-- Stu Lubor
Volkswagen Credit Inc.

"Fun, informative. Don't EVER change!"
-- Barry Sanderson
Intermountain Health Care

"Great job! I learned a lot and am looking forward to implementing the
learning with teams."
-- Chuck Feay, Manager
MCI, Denver  CO

"The instructor [Eileen Flanigan] was fantastic. She knew her subject well
and kept my interest throughout."
-- Ryan Will
Volkswagen Credit

"This is one of the best workshops I have been to in a long while.  I learned
so much by do not feel overwhelmed.  Eileen practices what she preaches!
-- S. Reay
Qwest Communications

"This has been a great learning experience that all area teams should attend."
-- Bill Welsh
Volkswagen of America

"I found myself honored to be in this class, because of the content and [the
instructor's] full knowledge of the topics at hand."
-- Daniel Weber
Galileo International, Chicago IL

"Eileen [Flanigan] keeps a very positive attitude with the subject matter.
Fun and very informative . . ."
-- Edward G. Pohl
Volkswagen Credit

"Excellent recipes provided for meeting organization."
-- Jason Doughty
Operations Department,
Kennecott Utah Copper

"I liked how the facilitator [Eileen Flanigan] kept us in line and addressed
issue in the meeting."
-- Mary Murdoch
Nextel Communications

"Great presentation!"
-- Pamela Kaye
Volkswagen Credit Inc.

"Loved the class -- had lots of fun and learned a lot at the same time. Wow!"
-- Judy Tafoya, Operations Finance
Galileo International

"A great active learning environment!!!!"
-- Doris Ivanov
Nextel Communications

"The facilitator [Eileen Flanigan] engaged participants and made the workshop
applicable and enjoyable."
-- Gary Harris
Volkswagen Credit

"[The workshop's] Format flowed and was logical and user-friendly! The day
flew! I was so involved."
-- Todd Adams
Novell Inc.

"I sincerely enjoyed the class and learned a lot more than I ever thought
that I could."
-- Kristen Smith, Schedules and Availability
Galileo International

"I really enjoyed the course and appreciated and very much liked Eileen."
-- Eric Schmidt
Volkswagen of America

"This course has so many applications.  The world would move smoother if all
leaders had facilitation skills!"
-- T. Bernd, Director of Staff Development
Brighton Public Schools

"Eileen is a real inspiration. As a role model she is amazing. Her expertise
and encouragement are critical ingredients to the success of this workshop."
-- Jeri Owen
Volkswagen Credit Inc.

"(The) exceptional instructor embodied the ideals of the course in his performance."          
-- Chris Sears, Netware for Unix Dept.
Novell Inc., Provo, UT

"This workshop has been extremely helpful and I really enjoyed the
interaction with others."
-- Patricia Mitchell
Nextel Communications

"The instructor was very clear and pleasant -- genuinely interested in
helping the group learn. Very organized."
-- Ryan Will, Manager
Volkswagen of America, Chicago IL

"Phil [Bozek] knows the content perfectly, has extensive experience that
helps demonstrate the issues and suggestions."
-- Lars Karlsson, Manager
US Borax

"Eileen [Flanigan] was extremely knowledgeable of subject matter and was able
to keep focus on objectives as well as draw individual goals to be
-- R. J. Wiles
Volkswagen Canada