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Train-the-trainer are terms on how to Judge the Quality of Presentations Training. Consider these criteria for judging presentations training programs:Organization and Enthusiasm.  Top-level training must embody and teach both. An organized presentation without enthusiasm is sterile and unconvincing; enthusiasm without organization is shrill and disconcerting.Power and Diplomacy. The best presentations training reveals the techniques that mark greatness and power, yet provides the accurate, diplomatic coaching that motivates self-improvement. Broad Application and Individual Care. High-quality training offers flexible skills for a broad range of situations, but helps each participant achieve a uniquely effective style. Quick Relevance and Long-Term Results. Excellent presentations training addresses participants’ immediate concerns, and provides follow-up consultation to ensure long-term learning. TEN KEYS TO POWERFUL PRESENTING embodies these characteristics in an intense two-day workshop based on:Diagnostic consultation before the workshop. A low-stress, supportive workshop environment, Highly specific presentation techniques, Role-model instruction. Targeted practice sessions, Precise, comprehensive, constructive feedback. One-on-one “Master Class” coaching, Individualized presentation Action Plans, Post-workshop consultation.